A Little Promotion Celebration with Karaoke and Sushi!

Alright y’all it’s time for a celebration! Finally an event that is not a wedding! Below, I am sharing the story of my boyfriend’s job promotion. Along the way I am going to bold the things that I think are helpful tips for you to plan your own celebration. I hope you find my ideas to be good ones! Here we go:

Recently, my boyfriend got promoted from Assistant Agent to Agent at Turnipblood Entertainment in Tuscaloosa, AL. To celebrate this exciting new position, I decided to throw him a surprise party. Ford (my boyfriend) has been working really hard in the music industry for quite some time and is finally getting some much deserved appreciation!

The surprise party will be held at the outside patio and stage of Avondale Brewery in Birmingham, AL. Since the restaurant located next door to the brewery, Wasabi Juan’s, is a favorite of Ford’s, they will be doing the catering! All of his college friends, many friends from high school, and family members will be attending. I have already spread the news to his family and many of his close friends. We are all excited for everyone to come and celebrate him together!

Instead of booking a band to play for Ford’s party, I decided to let him perform (one of his favorite pastimes). He has played in a band called The Smooth Saddles throughout most of college. He always has the time of his life when he is singing and playing up on stage. As an added benefit, many of his friends and family members haven’t had a chance to see him perform so this will be the perfect opportunity for them to finally hear him play. After the band finishes up some of their favorite songs, the stage will be open for karaoke! This way the band (especially Ford) won’t be on the job all night, and everyone gets to participate in the on-stage fun!

Well, my plan worked out pretty much exactly as I imagined. All of the guests arrived at Avondale Brewery 15 minutes before I brought Ford. He thought that the two of us were just going to Avondale for one celebratory drink. Once we got there, I asked to go see the stage real quick before we went into the bar and BAM- he couldn’t have been more surprised! From there on out, everyone visited, drank, and sang to their hearts’ desire. We are so proud of Ford and were happy to all be together to celebrate it!


To summarize: my tips from this post are

  1. Cater to the guest of honor’s preferences- you can’t go wrong with their favorites!
  2. Think outside of the box- by letting a friend’s band play and even opening up the floor for karaoke, you save tons of money and keep the guests engaged!
  3. Make your events a surprise! Of course you will want to consider whether the guest of honor hates them or not, but usually they make the event even more special!

How would you celebrate a loved one’s accomplishments?
Let me know in the comments!

Last updated on January 4, 2016 at 2:27 pm


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